Combined Noise Source &
Distance Calculator
Noise Addition
A-weighted decibels are based on a logarithmic scale. They
cannot be added or subtracted in the usual arithmetical way.
If one source emits a sound level of 90 dB(A) and a second
emits the same sound level, the resulting sound level is 93
dB(A), not 180 dB(A). This calculator combines up to 4
individual noise sources and the perceived sound level at a
distance D from the nearest noise source is calculated by means of logarithmic mathematics.
Enter Decibel Levels for at least 2 Stations to calculate the overall station noise.    
1)  Noise Source A  dB(A)
2)  Noise Source B  dB(A)
3)  Noise Source C  dB(A)
4)  Noise Source D  dB(A)